Five Attributes Of The Best Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning has been a decent job that employs a couple of home improvement professionals. It can, however, become a regular expense that makes having a pool seem like a too big investment. The chemicals, constant maintenance and repair required may make you think twice about having a pool. The only hindrance is that once you have a pool installed, it beats logic to uninstall it. Ultimate Pool Guide experts advise that using pool cleaners are the next best thing to use. Here are five attributes of the best pool cleaner that will help you make a decision on which one to choose.

Qualities of the bets pool cleaner

Maneuverability power

cleaning poolDifferent pool cleaners have different abilities. Some can be able to climb gradient walls, while others quickly climb stairs. You also have those that can get to your pool’s sharp edges with ease or get to the rounded corners easily. Knowing the kind of pool you have and the needs you desire met will enable to get the best fit for your pool.

Ease of maintenance

Pool cleaners get as much as 1000 kilometers of mileage in them per year depending on the amount of cleaning they have to do. They require periodical maintenance from the simple clean up of their debris bags to unclogging them when their suction systems get clogged up by large debris. Some cleaners will not last the long haul or are difficult to maintain by yourself. Be sure to read full customer reviews before making this investment.


The size of your pool determines the kind of cleaner you need to get. There are handy cleaners made specifically to tackle large size pools. They can endure being on for long durations of time without draining themselves or shortening their product lives. Endurance is one of the attributes of the best pool cleaner that makes it able to give you prolonged service and hence value for your money.


pool cleanerYour pool cleaner needs to be custom fitted to handle your pool regarding chord length. It should be able to access your pool end to end and have some cord left over for the purpose of depth. Self-driven robotic cleaners with inbuilt sensors work best in this light as they can keep their cords from getting tangled or tipping over.

Debris collecting ability

There is a myriad of debris that can get into a pool. This is from leaves to twigs, sand to rocks, hair to even the rare coin. One of the attributes of the best pool cleaner is its ability to take in any debris with ease. This will help you not have to keep unclogging it when it gets blocked up by debris it could not handle.