What to expect from a prefab home

A lot of us want to have our dream home built, but don’t have the money to do it. Constructing a home can cost a lot of money, but you can still have a home built that you can afford. You can go with a to the distributor┬áto have a home designed the way you want it for half the price of a stick home would cost you to have it built.

What does a prefab home offer?

Prefab homes

houseThey will have like four models that you can choose from. Most of the models on the outside look alike. However, on the inside, you can have your rooms done the way you want them. You can paint the inside with any color you want.

They build the home just like a stick home. Your home will have sheetrock with a layer of insulation to keep the heat or cool air in; each model will come with HVAC system to save you money. You will also get a two car garage. Your yard sits on a quarter acre so that you will have room in the back yard. Your front yard has a custom driveway leading to the garage; the whole quarter acre will have a 6-foot wooden fence around the property.

Grounds of the prefab home community

When you buy a home, there are some guidelines that you will have to follow. There will be a fence that will go all the way around the community. Most prefab home communities will have 100 homes built. There is a guard that controls the gate for people to come in or out, 24 hours a day. This is for your protection. Each owner will be given a number that you will have to enter to open the gate. Any visitors will have to be announced.

Recreational area

The community will provide a park for your kids, with a basketball area. All their park equipment is state of the art and up to date for safety. They will also provide a sidewalk for running that will go all the way around the community. You will enjoy their pool area that has a lifeguard as well.

Recreational area

Storage unity

If you have a boat or a trailer, you will be able to store it in your own storage unit. If you want to keep your garage clean or have a 3rd car, you will be able to store it without stuffing it in your garage.